Vice Chancellors Research Pitch Challenge

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I need help creating a video?

Do it yourself using Thinkable's guide or please contact your universities's media and communications department who can help in producing and creating your research video. 

I need help preparing my pitch!

Here are some helpful guidelines on the content of your pitch:

  • Engage your audience – perhaps start with a question, or a statement on a problem that your audience will understand and can relate to. 
  • Start at the end – what problem will you solve – what product will you create
  • Briefly – and without jargon, explain how you are approaching the problem
  • Point out what makes your work unique
  • Tell them what you need from them. Are you looking for funding support/access to expertise?
  • Practice – don’t use notes
  • Practice
  • Practice

And then remember all these C’s

1. Concise

2. Clear

3. Compelling

4. Credible

5. Conceptual

6. Concrete

7. Customized

8. Consistent

9. Conversational

You can read more about science–specific pitches here:

But it’s best to watch and learn – see some great examples of pitches from across the world here:

For more information, contact: 

Mr John Nicholls

Universities Australia

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